As a financial institution, SOLIDIS supports SMEs by offering them personalized technical support as well as tailor-made financing solutions (equity, quasi-equity, guarantee, credit, etc.) in order to promote their growth..

What is SOLIDIS' mission?

As a financial institution, SOLIDIS supports SMEs by offering them personalized technical support as well as tailor-made financing solutions (equity, quasi-equity, guarantee, credit, etc.) in order to promote their growth.

What is the SOLIDIS guarantee?

This is an additional financial commitment granted from banks / microfinance (IFP) partners, in addition to real guarantees required by banks / microfinance partner (IFP) to facilitate access to bank credits. It is presented as a commitment by signature.

What is the purpose of a SOLIDIS guarantee?

To support the request for financing, the SOLIDIS guarantee fills the shortfall in the guarantees provided by the borrowers or supplements the guarantees required depending on the type of loan requested from the PFI.

How high does it offer SOLIDIS to finance my project?

In general, 50% SOLIDIS guarantee compensates the risk taken by the bank on the client. The rate can however be variable, from 40 to 100%. This rate is set for each project according to the duration and the risk, and for each type of guarantee requested.

SOLIDIS is a guarantee on first demand. What does it mean?

This means that the guarantee is available and can be mobilized upon acceptance by the bank.

Can the SOLIDIS Partner Financial Institution require other existing guarantees from the customer?

The SOLIDIS guarantee helps to make up for the lack of real guarantees that can be offered by the SME. It is also a financial tool that encourages PFIs to finance more SMEs since the risks are shared.

Who can benefit from the SOLIDIS guarantee?

With "Real Estate Credits", SOLIDIS grants its guarantee to INDIVIDUAL clients, employees or self-employed and holders of a bank account where the income is domiciled in an PFI.
Apart from the "Guarantee on Real Estate Credits", SOLIDIS offers a guarantee to all companies established in Madagascar.

What types of loans does SOLIDIS guarantee?

For COMPANIES, loans guaranteed by SOLIDIS are intended for investments (real estate, equipment, supplier for fixed assets) and intended for operation (commercial discount, advance on products / goods, pre-financing or campaign).
For INDIVIDUALS, SOLIDIS supports all real estate projects.

What are the risk ceiling SOLIDIS GARANTIE?

Defined by the Statutes, the SOLIDIS guarantee is currently limited to MGA 500 million in terms of credit on a same customer. For the amount above this limit, please contact our sales department at 020 22 211 00.

What are the advantages of SMEs who contact SOLIDIS and not directly to the bank?

The SME will be able to benefit from financial expertise in the preparation of its business plan and from a better submission of its file to the banks.

Does the guarantee automatically mean obtaining financing?

No, because the PFI does not grant a pledge loan, but it gives its approval for the financing on the basis of viability and solvency of its client and the proposed project. Guarantees come as a comfort to the decision to grant credit.

With SOLIDIS support, what is the duration of the examination of a file (from the introduction of the file to approval / disbursement or rejection)?

196 / 5000 Résultats de traduction SOLIDIS can respond within ONE WEEK after receipt of the complete file. Subsequently, the processing time for a file varies according to the banks / MFIs: it can range from 72 hours to 3 months.

What happens if the client does not pay back the bank? To what extent does SOLIDIS get involved?

In the event of customer default, SOLIDIS pays the bank on first request 50% of the outstanding capital. At the same time, the lending PFI activates the realization of the real guarantees.

Is there an age limit for obtaining a SOLIDIS guarantee?

For operating / investment credits: No. The eligibility condition is that the borrower applies for the SOLIDIS guarantee, ie an SME that has existed for at least 6 months. Nevertheless, the borrower should be fit / active during the desired loan term.
For real estate credit : No. However, the age of the borrower is taken into account before the decision to grant credit is made with the lending PFI.

Which projects are not eligible for SOLIDIS?

SOLIDIS is an ethical fund. Thus, any unlawful activity (money laundering, crime games, etc.) detrimental to morality or not respecting its social responsibility and environmental charter, is excluded from its scope of intervention.

Which banks have an agreement with SOLIDIS?

SOLIDIS is a partner of a large number of local financial institutions, namely banks (BOA, BNI, BMOI, BMM, MCB, MicroCred, SIPEM and ACCES Banque), microfinance institutions (PAMF, URCECAM) or investment companies (SONAPAR, FIARO)

Does SOLIDIS guarantee the personal contribution of the promoter of an investment project?

No, SOLIDIS doesn't guarantee the personal contributions of promoters. However, it should be noted that bank loans are only granted after the mobilization of contributions by the promoters.

What is the role of business associations in SOLIDIS business support?

The professional associations guarantee the good character and competence of the borrower, not only to SOLIDIS but especially to the PFIs. The associations can defend their members during SOLIDIS' decision-making committees.

How are projects selected for the investment fund?

Projects are evaluated based on the following criteria: completeness of the request, project status ( achievable), project deserves (project generates social and economic impact at CMT).

What kinds of projects are eligible for funding?

Any project based on improvement, development and innovation may be eligible for funding.

Who is eligible for SOLIDIS funding?

Whether at start-up or during the operating phase, any high-potential company that presents innovative projects and offers certain investment opportunities can benefit from SOLIDIS financing.

What is the maximum amount of funding available per project?

The funding envelope depends on the size of the project. The amount can be up to EUR 150 000

Are contingency costs eligible for funding?

Contingency costs are not eligible for funding. Applicants are encouraged to break down project costs when submitting their application. If the applicant has submitted contingency costs in their application, these costs have been removed.

How long does it take from application to selection?

This is variable and depends mainly on the holders of the project and the documents presented by the entrepreneur. Obviously, we support the entrepreneur in compiling the necessary elements for the investors' decision.

How are projects monitored?

SOLIDIS has a project management framework including a number of control mechanisms (regular reports) that will allow us to monitor the progress of the project, as well as to see the amount of funding spent during the implementation of the project.

Is the confidentiality of my project preserved?

We have no reluctance to sign a confidentiality agreement and prior access to your critical data. Furthermore, the identity of our investors / shareholders will be communicated and you can decide on its access to your business model and ultimately to your capital, or deny these privileges.

What types of financing offered by SOLIDIS?

Our financing solutions depend on the needs of each target. SOLIDIS can capital input, or current account advances (debt, subordinated debt)