Bank Guarantee

Bank Guarantee Bank Guarantee


SOLIDIS has the solution to give value to your resources and implements solutions of financing and reliable guarantee  in order to optimize your projects and your development

  • Private Individual
    Private Individual

    Purchase or Construction? House or Land? New or old? Would you like to realize a real estate transaction? And the bank requires systematically a reliable guarantee?

    Now, with the SOLIDIS guarantee, you can realize your real estate projects. No need to mortgage your property  , the additional fees are reduced and the approach is simplified: simply by signing a contract with your bank. It’s SOLIDIS who vouch for you.

  • Company

    « Do you plan some importants investments in order to launch or to expand your business? Or do you want to load more cash to back up your business? Or do you want to have guarantee for a contract or a tender? And, is it difficult for you to obtain a bank loan or a guarantee? »

    Whatever your field of activity, choose SOLIDIS guarantees and financing solutions to provide a quick launching of your operations and projects with a simplification of the first owed proceeding for the consolidation of your performance. And for your administrative proceeding and financial management, call upon the technical assistance of our experts.

  • Lender Institution
    Lender Institution

    We focus on your requirements. Thanks to our integrated model and to our experiments, we are committed to be your best facilitator in terms of reliable guarantees at all levels to increase your portfolio by sharing the risks incurred on SMEs loans.

    With  partnership features, your need are at the center of our priorities: on the one hand, we ensure the credibility of the projects in relation to the lending institutions by a contribution to the expertise in terms of selection, assessment and follow-up of the projects. On the other hand, we are actively looking for different investment opportunities on various promising sectors that offer the greatest growth potentials in benefits.