Our approach

SOLIDIS is convinced that the “sustainability” of its entity does not depend solely on its current management perfect command, but also on our ability to anticipate the expectations of all stakeholders, both internally and externally. Thanks to its Corporate Social Responsibility approach  (CSR), SOLIDIS participates significantly in the creation of a sustainable future of companies / individuals while ensuring the stability of the institution and the productivity in complete safety. This results in new commitments, a well-structured organization and shared knowledge.

For the purpose of a social approach of the service cost, SOLIDIS is committed to respect the implicit concept of “responsible pricing“ to .

With its commitment for a human development, SOLIDIS ensures to promote gender equality, women’s empowerment, the work environment of its employees and acts in the protection of environment.

Our commitments

Our goal is to create a corporate culture based on the sustainability of our internal responsibility and on the support of projects promoting local development.

    « Human Capital Development Actor »  

Internally, our social responsibility fosters:

  • Participatory innovation and sharing of good practices based on LISTENING and SOCIAL DIALOGUE
  • Internal promotion to contribute to the development and the diversity
  • Remuneration policy based on the principle of “remunerate skills and reward performance”
  • the well-being at work of our employees and their families

« Active in environmental sustainability » 

The direct impacts on the environment of our activities are mainly the energy consumption, water and paper consumption.

Our environmental approach is framed by the world-wide initiatives dedicated to the promotion of a finance low carbon. For this, SOLIDIS develops tools and financial instruments aimed at overcoming the risks impeding the financing of projects with low carbon intensity.

In addition, SOLIDIS adopts the principle of responsible investment. This implies the integration of environmental issues  in investment decisions and the definition of the products to be offered.

Having privileged relationship with its customers, SOLIDIS is committed to make its clients aware of the best practices to adopt in terms of environmental and social management.


 « A committed actor to social and economic issues », SOLIDIS acts on all fronts so that the proposed funding solutions are available to a wider range of the target-market and reduce the rate of bank loan.

Our commitments are driven by the following key indicators:

  • number of supported borrowers
  • volume of granted loans
  • amount of granted commitments

«Partner of economic development in Madagascar»

SOLIDIS furthers its reputation through its collaboration with its technical and financial partners as well as its customers. This collaboration requires the heavy involvement of all coaching in the process of risk management and the promotion of culture risk from the operational team up to the partners/customers.