As a financial institution, SOLIDIS  supports  SMES by offering them customized technical support as well as a tailor-made financing solutions (equity, quasi-equity, guarantee, credit, …) in order to promote their growth.

  • What are the types of funding proposed by SOLIDIS ?
    Our solutions for funding depend on the needs of each target. It can be an equity holding or  an advance loan on current accounts (Debts, mezzanine debt)
  • Is the confidentiality of my project preserved ?
    We are open to sign confidentiality agreement and this, before accessing to your strategic data. In addition, the identity of our investors/shareholder will be communicated to you and you can decide of their access to your business model and your capital, or refuse these privileges.
  • How are the projects supervised ?
    SOLIDIS uses  a project management framework including a number of control systems (Regular Reports) which helps us to ensure the project progress  follow-up, as well as to see the amount of funding spent in the course of project implementation.
  • How much time does it take between application submission and selection?
    This is variable and depends mainly on the project holders as well as the documents submitted by the contractor. Obviously, we accompany the contractor in the constitution of the elements essential to the decision-making of the investors.
  • Are contingency costs eligible for funding ?
    Contingency costs are not eligible for funding. Applicants are then encouraged to break down project costs when submitting their application. If the applicant submitted contingency costs in his application, those costs would be removed.
  • What is the maximum amount of funding offered per project ?
    The funding envelope depends on the project scale. The amount can go up to 150 000EUR