• What can we suggest you?

  • What benefits can we offer you?

  • Who is the offer aimed at?

  • How to proceed?

  • What can we suggest you?

    Do you want to ensure the security of your transactions?

    Do you want to build trust with your partners?

    Do you want to get longer payment period and save cash?

    Do you want  to have available collateral for a contract or a public call for tender?

    With the SOLIDIS DIRECT GUARANTEE, you benefit from individual and direct support in terms of financial commitment to secure your commercial transactions and to facilitate your access to public / private markets with different conditions from those of banks.

  • What benefits can we offer you?

    • RAPIDITY: Our answer will be sent to you no more than 7 days after submission of the application
    • COMPETITIVITY: no any intervention of the banks
    • SECURITY: it is a pledge of security for your partners for the proper  execution of a contract / market, the good achievement of a service
    • ECONOMIC: our guarantee  enables you  to have better Treasury management.
    • TAILOR-MADE: our guarantee  is adapted to your needs from the simplest to the most complex ones.
  • Who is the offer aimed at?

    • Duly formalized SME, PMI
    • SME, PMI has existed since 6 months at least.
  • How to proceed?

    What are the specific features?

    • Guarantee rate: 100% of the amount of your commitment
    • Amount of the commitment: up to 500 million MGA
    • Payment deadline of your customers / suppliers: up to 60 days
    • SOLIDIS processing time: maximum 7 working days

    What are the required documents?

    • ID card of the promoter / associate
    • CV of the promoter / associate
    • Statute and minutes, …
    • Existence of a contract with a creditor or debtor; or presentation of a public call for tender record.