About us

About us About us

Our Mission

  • To promote the access to financing for any individual or entity, who has feasible and credible projects, with high potential in strengthening their own equity with some solutions of guarantees and financing that innovate as well as adapted technical support.

Our Commitments

  • REACTIVITY: To realize your project on time, SOLIDIS commits to provide an answer as soon as possible for your guarantee.
  • SUPPORT: For a financing request to be accepted, the application must be well-structured. SOLIDIS will help you in the financial process and direct you to a supporting institution.
  • TRANSPARENCY: Thanks to the simulator online, you can assess your project, the type and amount of financing. In addition, SOLIDIS commits to enhance dialogue, to establish mutual trust and to smooth your trade.
  • ACCESSIBILITY: Our Advisors are accessible. They are your daily contact for a permanent relationship.

Our Challenges

  • OPPORTUNITY BOOSTER: With our innovative system, we strive to operate in a rapid and reactive way for the development of our customers and partners.
  • MAJOR ACTOR IN ALL POTENTIAL SECTORS: Relying on market evolution, mainly on risks for potential sectors, we are willing to generate creative financing solutions to the needs of our stakeholders in order to aim at promising growth of all potential sectors.
  • PROVEN PARTNER: focused on relationships, we are deeply committed to create and maintain external collaborations, based on the goodwill of active and sustainable support.